Why You Should Buy Your Next Luxury Car From RoxieCars.com

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"Why Buy From RoxieCars.com"


New vs Used

Vehicle investor research has demonstrated that when consumers purchase new vehicles or any other forms of capital equipment, they immediately realize a loss on their purchase. In the auto industry, this figure could range anywhere between 25%-40%... Yes, 25%-40% as soon as you drive that new vehicle off of the lot. That can be a staggering loss when considering purchasing a luxury vehicle. So with that in mind, we here at RoxieCars.com would never advise you to buy a new vehicle.

The purchasing of used vehicles has been on the rise with consumers who desire a luxury car at an affordable price. Once you have determined the make and model that you are interested in, the mileage, the year, and the remaining warranty, then we at RoxieCars.com can help guide you to your dream luxury vehicle. Ideally, you would want to find a car with low mileage (10,000 - 12,000 per year), late model (1-3 years old), and still under its original factory warranty. We personally live by our own recommendations and at 55 years old, I am proud to say that I have never owned a new vehicle due the aforementioned reasons...

At RoxieCars.com, the majority of our vehicles fit into the above-recommended parameters, therefore allowing our customers to realize the highest value for their purchase. Mileage and late models are pretty self-explanatory as to their importance; however, factory warrantees in our opinion may need some further explanation.

Factory Warrantees

When it comes to purchasing luxury vehicles even with extended warranties, it can cost a small fortune in order to repair some of those out of extended warranty items. Some of the best bumper to bumper maintenance free warranties are in the luxury car classes and we happen to think that BMW's has one of the best, therefore, RoxieCars.com specializes in BMWs.


BMWs are a popular luxury vehicle class within America as well as globally due to their state-of-the-art German engineering; however, most people aren't aware of the tremendous value that their maintenance free bumper to bumper warranty provides. For the first 50,000 miles and/or 4 years whatever threshold expires first, you are covered for most items. This coverage includes such things as brake pads (if needed), headlights, windshield wipers, tune-ups, oil changes, and the list goes on. As a consumer, I was so impressed with the value of their maintenance free bumper to bumper warranty that I purchased my last 3 vehicles using these same recommended guidelines. In our opinion, no other luxury car manufacturer competes to the BMW maintenance free and the bumper to bumper offering.

Please not that recent changes in BMWs maintenance free warranty require a "Refresh" fee of $700 for the transfer of of this warranty from one owner to another and this can be done at any BMW Dealership. However, BMWs original manufacturer's warranty still follows the vehicle and is transferable from owner to owner.


At RoxieCars.com, we provide a non-stressful customer buying experience. Our vision is simple; we want to provide a stress free and memorable buying experience while offering a luxury vehicle at an affordable price. Buying at RoxieCars.com is fun, just ask Roxie yourself as there's a good chance you'll get to meet her if you come check out our inventory or schedule a test drive. In honor of Roxie and our philanthropic contributions, we here at RoxieCars.com donate a % of our proceeds from every sale to the local chapters of the  SPCA as well as other animal protection organizations. Please check out our partner page for additional information